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“As prayer is the voice of man to God, so revelation is the voice of God to man.”

John Henry Newman

Sometimes the physical gets in the way of the spiritual and blinds us from seeing reality. It takes faith to see the spiritual realm. Overwhelming circumstances in the natural snuff out faith and cause spiritual blindness. Faith changes our vision and helps us see what others can’t.

I’m like the two blind men in Matthew 20:29-34. I’m unable to see and understand the mysteries of God. My word for 2018 is revelation. I’m crying out to God to receive His vision and understanding. I want Him to peel back the scales of unbelief so I can see all that He is. My verse for this year is Ephesians 1:17: “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better.”

When the blind men heard Jesus was passing by, they shouted, “Son of David, show us mercy, Lord!” Son of David is a term used for the Messiah. These blind men lacked vision in the natural realm, but they possessed 20/20 spiritual vision. They saw what most people missed – Jesus’ true identity.

When the crowd tried to quiet the blind men, they screamed even louder. Their desperation for healing made them bold and they weren’t going to allow others to deter them from going after God. Jesus stopped and asked them, “What do you want me to do for You?” The blind men responded, “Lord, we want to see! Heal us!” Just one touch from Jesus and the blind men were instantly healed.

Reason, fear of disappointment, and pride rob us from receiving the gift of faith to see beyond the natural. Faith is seen by the action we take. The blind men believed Jesus could heal them, so they cried out. Ask God for greater revelation in who He is. Then you’ll have faith to see what He sees.

“God’s revelation does not need the light of human genius, the polish and strength of human culture, the brilliancy of human thought, the force of human brains to adorn or enforce it; but it does demand the simplicity, the docility, humility, and the faith of a child’s heart.”

E.M. Bounds

Relevant Reflections:

  1. If Jesus asked you: “What do you want Me to do for you,” what would you say?

  2. In what area of your life do you need revelation to see the spiritual realm?

  3. What robs you of faith?

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