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Play Your Part

“Do you realize that you are unique? Do you understand that you are unrepeatable, that there has never been anyone like you before and there will never be again? Do you know that you have been given a unique gift to offer to the world?” Joseph Cavanaugh III

    An actor is one that performs a part. Actors learn their lines for a particular role they are going to play. Typically, they don’t study the parts others are responsible to play. Instead they focus and hone in on playing their own part. Let me ask you, what part do you play in the Body of Christ?

    Last week I meditated on the passage in I Corinthians 12:12-31. I encourage you to stop right now and take a few moments to read these verses. There were several points the Lord highlighted to me.

    “But now God has placed the members…(vs. 18). God arranges, sets and distributes in an orderly manner His children in the Body of Christ. He has a purpose in mind. God is very specific with who He wants where and doing what special assignment. The verse goes on to say, “just as He desired.” God grants His sons and daughters spiritual gifts, talents, strengths and specific roles which He wants us to fulfill.

    Further on in the passage, verse 24, states that “God has so composed the body….” He fashions and forms the Body of Christ. God puts it together, in the way He wants it, the way He likes it, and the way it works best. The Church, is to be His greatest composition, sounding like a Philharmonic orchestra, as all the instruments play their assigned parts..

    Lastly , verse 28 expresses, “And God has appointed in the church….” God not only decides, ordains and establishes the parts we’re to play, but also equips us for them.

    This passage gave me great comfort in knowing I don’t have to do it all. I simply need to obey God’s specific assignment He’s chosen for me. Knowing my responsibility in the Body of Christ is liberating.

     I experience what I call, “Oh my, moments,” when God breaks through and begins to speak to me. While studying this passage, I heard God say, “You’re the heart, Norma. That is the physical part of the Body you represent.” He began to unravel how passionately I care about other people’s emotional well being. He reminded me how I frequently ask others, “How’s your heart.” And years ago, a dear friend prophesied I was going to be the heart on the Syria team. It’s now making sense why I have to be about the Father’s business of restoring hearts; it’s how He created me in order to fulfill that role in His Body.

    I’m convinced God has uniquely made each one of us to play a specific part in the Body of Christ. One part is not better than another, but all body parts are necessary for the Church to fully function. We definitely need each other. Each of us is like a piece of a puzzle. In order for the complete picture of God to be seen, each puzzle piece is needed.

    Some of you need to hear this word: Stop trying to be someone else. Instead, function as God desires, as He fashioned you and where He has placed you. It’s in that role you are most fully satisfied and the Body of Christ will receive the most benefit.

    Again, let me ask you. What part do you play in the Body of Christ? Are you an eye, seeing things in the Spirit, having discernment so you know how to pray? Are you an ear, hearing God’s voice and moving in the prophetic realm, flowing in word of knowledge? Are you the lungs, breathing life back into the hurting Body through your words of encouragement?

     We’re all part of a plan. Focus in on and fulfill your part that the Father has created especially for you. Allow your life to be a part of the great schematic of the Father’s blueprint called the Body of Christ. God is most glorified when we are all playing our part and working as one Body.

“Each one has a place in the community of Christ, and ought to fill it, but he ought not to be everywhere and want to take part in everything….Take note of what God gives you, then you will also know the task He sets you.” Heinrich Emil Brunner

Relevant Reflections: 1. Which part of the Body of Christ are you? What does that look like? 2. How can you more fully play the part God has assigned to you?

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