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Slow Down and Savor

“To walk with Jesus is to walk with a slow, unhurried pace.” 

John Mark Comer 

The other morning while spending time with Jesus, He encouraged me to savor. To savor my cup of coffee and my time with Him. God instructed me not to rush ahead. Instead, He said, Take your time. Take your time to be present, to watch how things unfold, to understand, and to solidify your belief. Then God spoke words of wisdom I need to heed. If you rush, you can’t get the full enjoyment. You don’t want to miss out. Slow down, My daughter; for it’s in the slowness of pace that I appear. It’s in the slowness that you begin to understand who I made you to be. 

I repented for the times I rushed through things trying to catch up with the responsibilities I felt behind on. I regret the missed opportunities of getting to know God, myself, and my loved ones better because I was so intent on hurrying through life. My Dad had it right when he’d sit outside with his cup of coffee pondering and not being in a hurry.


Hurry is the enemy of presence. When we rush through life, we forgo being present, fully “there” with others. In so doing, we miss the nuances of God’s presence and the presence of our souls peaking their heads out. I wish I had learned this truth when I was younger so I could have been more present with my family and friends. God cheers me on to do that now. He shows me it’s in the stillness that I receive more joy. 

I’m learning to let go of things more readily and to accept changes with less pushback. I’m surrendering more quickly with palms up and open, not clutching tight-fisted to my desires. I know God’s ways and desires are the best, the ones I trust, so I adjust. I try not to run ahead of the Holy Spirit, nor lag behind. I want to walk right next to Him. 

The apostle Paul challenges us with Ephesians 5:15-17. “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.” My friends, slow down and savor life with God. Let Him pick the pace as you run with Him.


“The solution to an overbusy life is not more time. It’s to slow down and simplify our lives around what really matters.” 

John Mark Comer 

Relevant Reflections: 

  1. If the Spirit has convicted you, take the time to repent to restore your relationship with God.  

  2. What change is God prompting you to make? 

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