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Wholehearted Devotion to the Lord

“The main measure of your devotion to God is not your devotional life. It is simply your life.”

John Ortberg

Numbers 32:11b and 12b states that only two of the twelve sent-out spies, Caleb and Joshua, would enter the Promised Land, “for they have wholly followed the Lord.” What does wholehearted devotion to the Lord look like? Here is a comparison chart based on chapters 13 and 14 in Numbers.THOSE WITHOUT WHOLEHEARTED DEVOTIONTHOSE WITH WHOLEHEARTED DEVOTIONThey focus on the obstacles and the negative. The “however” or “but” stops them. Numbers 13:28They’re not in denial, but they don’t let obstacles deter them. They focus on the positive. Numbers 13:30 and 14:7They spread a bad report to the people. Numbers 13:31-33They spread a good report to the people and brag about God’s ability and faithfulness. Numbers 14:7-9Their response is unbelief, fear, and disobedience. Numbers 14:16Their response is faith and immediate obedience. Numbers 13:30They grumble, complain, and rebel against God and influence others toward rebellion. Numbers 14:1-4 and 10They’re grieved by others’ rebellion. Numbers 14:6Their trust and faith are in circumstances, not in God’s power and promise. Numbers 13:28Their trust and faith are in the Lord, not in circumstances. Numbers 14:8They have man’s perspective.              Numbers 13:33They have God’s perspective.  Numbers 14:9They put God to the test and do not obey His voice. Numbers 14:22They have a different spirit and follow God fully. Numbers 14:24They will not enter their Promise Land. Numbers 14:23, 30, 36-37They will possess their Promise Land. Numbers 14:24, 30

Let’s choose to live on the right side of this chart. May we be people with wholehearted devotion to the Lord to our world around us.

“Devotion to God is still a voluntary thing; hence the differences of attainment among Christians.”

Hudson Taylor

Relevant Reflection:

How can you display wholehearted devotion to God in the midst of the global pandemic?

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