Who God is For Us

“What we think about God is the single most important thing in our spiritual journey. Our image of God will drive every single part of our life and declare how we show up in the world. If we don’t live a life of faith, boldness and conviction we need to examine our perception of God. We must take time to upgrade our image of God.”

Graham Cooke

At the end of each year, I reread my journal and reflect on who God has been to me and all that He has done. This year though, instead of going through my journal for 2018, I reread all the blog posts I wrote for this year. The posts tell how I’ve experienced God in my life as well as revelation of who He is. As Graham Cooks writes, “Problems are invitations. They allow us to have encounters and experiences that enables us to discover who God is for us.”

Recently I’ve been thanking God for who He was for me in 2018. God’s been my:

  1. Rescuer – with John’s new job and having less stress.

  2. Daddy – who lovingly cares for His daughter, giving her a more balanced lifestyle.

  3. Teacher/instructor – showing me how He’s wired me and how to establish boundaries, thus being a better steward of myself.

  4. Mystery Solver – giving me greater revelation of who He is, who He created me to be, and revealing lies I’ve believed and displacing them with His truth.

  5. Provider – of fellowships, friendships and freedom through a life coach.

  6. Creator – allowing His creativity flow through me and transforming me into His writer.

  7. My Resting Place – hearing His voice and providing solitude.

  8. El Roi, the God who sees me in this year of transition.

  9. Protector, Trustworthy, and the One who goes ahead of me to set things up.

Who has God been to you this year? What character traits have you seen Him display to you personally in 2018? As we focus forward to 2019, who do you need God to be for you? Please don’t hesitate to make your requests known to God, just like Philippians 4:6 instructs us. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Look ahead into the New Year and fully expect God to be who He says He is.

“We must become overwhelmed with who God wants to be for us!”

Graham Cooke

Relevant Reflections:

  1. Thank God for who He has been for you this past year.

  2. Looking ahead to 2019, prayerfully seek God with who you need Him to be.

There will be no post on December 31. I’ll be at the One Thing conference enjoying and encountering God. May you each have a Happy New Year!

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