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Walking in Confidence

“Confidence in the natural world is self-reliance, in the spiritual world is God-reliance.”

Oswald Chambers

One reason I admire those that don’t hold back and walk confidently in their God-given gifts and authority is because I struggle in this area. I have recently realized that my doubting and absence of confidence stem from placing confidence in myself and from my lack of trusting self. No wonder I wrestle with this!

When our confidence is firmly planted in who God is and His abilities, then it is easier for us to place our trust in Him. People who walk in confidence and are comfortable with who God made them to be, have their focus on God, rather than on themselves.

Confident people trust God. They don’t place their trust in themselves. The Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:3b encourages us “to boast in Christ Jesus” and to “put no confidence in the flesh.” When I trust that the ministry is God’s doing, then I simply need to show up and be available to be His conduit through which He flows. Walking in confidence happens when we place our trust in who God is and not in what we may be capable of doing.

Having confidence that I have something to offer to others is based on seeing myself through my Father’s eyes, heart, and perspective, rather than looking at myself and my lack of ability. If I focus on God’s compassion and mercy and His desire to minister to someone, then my confidence is buoyed that He could use me as His vessel.

Hebrews 10:19 states we can have the confidence to enter the Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. Likewise, we can have the confidence to minister to others, to flow in the giftings God has placed within us, and to walk in God’s authority because of Jesus’ blood, what He has done, and what He desires and can do. Walking in confidence and being free to be who God created us to be, comes as our focus and trust are placed in who God is.

“The greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive all that you ask.”

Saint Albert the Great

Relevant Reflections:

  1. How would your life be different if you truly placed your confidence in God?

  2. What truths do you need to tell yourself about how God feels about you and who He is to help you walk more confidently?

Image by Elias from Pixabay

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