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The Transformation Cycle

“When a man has no strength, if he leans on God, he becomes powerful.”

D. L. Moody

I’m on to God and what the Holy Spirit is up to! I have watched how He works and His cycle of transforming us to look more like His precious Son, Jesus. This cycle of transformation has been repeated numerous times in my life and will continue until He takes me home.

I began to catch on to God’s routine over fifteen years ago when asked to teach at our church’s women’s ministry. I was flat-out scared and excited at the same time. Before I spoke it felt as if my teeth were going to fall out. I didn’t know what I was doing or where God was leading, I just knew I wanted to follow. I had taught Fourth grade at a public school, but leading women into a more intimate relationship with Christ was way different and out of my comfort zone.

God’s plan all along is to place us in positions where we are uncomfortable, vulnerable, and weak. This inadequacy forces us to become dependent upon Him. When I know I can’t do something, it sets me up to lean upon God’s wisdom and ability. He wants to show me what He can do for and through me. This cycle of transformation is not to highlight my weakness but to highlight God’s glory. My experiential knowledge of God increases which deepens my trust and intimacy with Him. My fear eventually diminishes and my “Godfidence,” (confidence in God), arises. As soon as I become comfortable, God prepares another scenario where I’m once again out of my comfort zone. God’s underlying motive in this transformation cycle is to mature our relationship and partnership with Him.

Recently the Lord told me It’s time to be stretched again. Get ready, prepare to be stretched. Oh, you will so enjoy this next ride, the new adventure I have for you! Quite frankly, it’s easy for me to succumb to fear, not take risks, and protect myself from the pain of being out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, my desire for greater intimacy with God trumps any discomfort.

Author Gem Fadling wrote, “For self-protection, we tend to stay with familiar pain to avoid unfamiliar pain.” Pain is still pain. Familiar pain keeps us stuck in bondage while unfamiliar pain leads to freedom. If we’re going to be experiencing pain either way, let’s choose the path of transformation by letting go of the familiar to embrace the unfamiliar and in so doing, grow closer to God. Remember His promise, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

“You become stronger only when you become weaker. When you surrender your will to God, you discover the resources to do what God requires.”

Erwin W. Lutzer

Relevant Reflection:

Describe a time you experienced God’s cycle of transformation.

Image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

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