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The Posture for Hearing God’s Voice

“God often speaks loudest when we’re quietest.”

Mark Batterson

There are two key postures to hearing God’s voice: listening and leaning in. Both are found in Psalm 78:1. “Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth.”

The first posture to “give ear” refers to giving God our attention and making it a priority to listen. Specifically, God is instructing us to listen to His teaching. To hear God’s voice, we need to stop whatever we’re doing to take notice of what God is saying. 

There is so much “noise” from the world, like social media, which distracts us from God’s voice. Just as when we turn on a radio station and get lots of static until we tune into the correct frequency, we need to rid ourselves of distraction to tune into what the Holy Spirit is saying. It’s almost as if it’d be helpful if we could put blinders on our ears to prevent us from hearing the noisy distractions in order to focus on the real truth of God’s Word. Ceasing from activity and choosing stillness helps to quiet the noise around me so I can hear God’s still small voice.

Secondly, the psalmist encourages us to “incline our ears” and to lean into the Holy Spirit. It’s like when we lean forward and sit partly off our chair as we try to get closer to hearing the speaker. I’m starting to lose some of my hearing in my left ear. When there’s background noise and I’m trying to listen to what someone is saying, I turn my head and angle my right ear toward the voice. 

The only way we hear and understand whispered words is if we get really close to the person speaking. We turn our ear and position it near to the speaker’s mouth. Likewise, we incline our hearts up close to the Holy Spirit’s voice. In 1 Kings 19:12, God’s voice came as a “gentle whisper,” not in the wind, earthquake, or fire. Dallas Willard said, “The still small voice – or the interior or inner voice, as it is also called – is the preferred and most valuable form of individualized communication for God’s purposes.” 

Making time to rid yourself of distractions to listen to God’s voice and leaning in, getting up close and personal to hear God’s whispers are postures which will help you hear the voice of God.

“We often miss hearing God’s voice simply because we aren’t paying attention.”

Rick Warren

Relevant Reflection:

In what practical way can you better position yourself to hear God’s voice?


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