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The Hand of God

My ears had heard of You but now my eyes have seen You.”

Job 42:5

 I’m always amazed at how God directs us, even when we’re unaware. Last Thursday while cruising Dodge Road heading towards Costco, I “accidentally” got off too soon at a wrong exit. No worries, I’ll just turn around in the Post Office parking lot. Then I thought I might as well park and check to see if there’s anything in the Restoring Hearts Ministry’s post office box. Lo and behold, two letters from IRS awaited me.

A little over a month ago I submitted an application to IRS for their 501c3 tax-exempt status. The day before I dropped it in the mail, the Lord said to me, “Watch me do what no man can do. Watch and see how quickly I perform! Others will see and believe as they watch what happens. My quick acceptance will confirm My hand being upon this ministry.” A quick turnaround is 3-4 months, but I was told it could take up to 18 months. I boldly asked God to take care of it in two months to meet another pending deadline. Each day I beseeched Him for favor with the IRS.

In three weeks God answered my prayer: Restoring Hearts Ministry now has IRS tax-exempt status! I’m still in shock and humbled by God’s majestic act of kindness. God flexed His muscles and did what no man could do! My amazement isn’t as much about His power to push things through so quickly, but that He loved me enough to astound me so that I’d believe. God knew my faith needed to be solidified. He knew that even though my heart wanted to obey His call, my flesh wanted to run away due to fear, difficulty and sacrifice. Only God would be so kind to give my faith a boost! God knew I needed to see His stamp of approval on the ministry.

As I left the post office stunned from the timely acceptance by the IRS, He whispered in my heart, “I’m all in. Are you?” I readily responded, “Yes, Lord, how could I not be with how Your hand performed? I saw Your performance and believed. So now I’m fully in.”

Is there an area in your life that needs to see God’s hand perform on your behalf so you would believe? Where do you desire God to flex His supernatural muscles? Is there a situation where you sense God is “all in” and patiently waiting for you to join Him?

I want to be like Job and not just hear about God but see Him active in my life. I realize God didn’t have to answer my prayer so quickly. His apt response magnified His love and kindness towards me. I don’t deserve anything from God and I owe Him everything. Daily His lovingkindness blows kisses upon my cheek. Once again I tasted God’s grace: His free and unmerited love and favor. Seeing the miraculous hand of God only makes me love Him more.

“Nothing you have is because of luck or chance. It’s all due to God’s grace and favor.”


Relevant Reflections:

1. In what way do you need to see God’s hand to perform on your behalf, so you will believe?

2. Where do you need God to flex His supernatural muscles? (Family, friends, work or ministry)

3. Are you “all in” where God has asked you to join Him?

4. How have you seen and experienced God working in your life?

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