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Speaking in Tongues

“It’s only when I have been very deliberate to exercise the gift of tongues that I’ve seen advancement happen in my life.”

Katherine Ruonala

The Holy Spirit desires to pray for you and through you. He does that as you pray in tongues. When we pray in the Spirit, our minds become engaged in faith. I’ve become more intentional with praying in the Spirit on a regular basis since I read Katherine Ruonala’s Life with the Holy Spirit. 

Speaking in tongues has not been emphasized, so I didn’t acknowledge the importance or the benefits that come from praying in the Spirit. In I Thessalonians 5:19, the Apostle Paul wrote, “Do not quench the Spirit.” To quench means “to extinguish,” as if we’re putting out a fire. I don’t want to do anything that may prevent the Holy Spirit from moving in my life.

Years ago when I taught a weekly women’s Bible study, the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray in tongues when I didn’t know what He wanted me to say. So while folding laundry I prayed in the Spirit. Afterward, He gave me direction for the message. Currently, I pray in tongues prior to writing, for His creativity to be released. 

Sometimes I’ll pray in tongues while cleaning the house or driving. I’ve interceded in the Spirit to wage war against the enemy. Praying in tongues shows me how to pray when I don’t know how to pray for a loved one. It’s as if Spirit intercession clears away the cobwebs in my mind and looses the heart of God. I know how to pray specifically with words and my faith is built up to believe. It opens my mind to how God wants me to pray.

Praying in the Spirit is for personal edification, to strengthen us. If I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, that’s the time for me to pray in tongues. As I do, the Holy Spirit intercedes on my behalf and lifts me up. Speaking in tongues also deepens my intimacy with Him.

When you’re at a loss for words and you don’t know how to intercede on behalf of a loved one, pray in tongues. When you feel confused and need direction, pray in tongues. When condemnation consumes your heart, pray in tongues. When you want to pray according to God’s will, pray in tongues. And when you desire to scoot a little closer to the Holy Spirit, pray in tongues.

“You may pray for your own agenda, but when praying in tongues the Holy Spirit will pray what He wants. You can trust that His prayers are the will of the Father.”

Katherine Ruonala

Relevant Reflection:

What benefits have you seen from praying in tongues?

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