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Soul Care: Stewarding Your Mind

“Your mind has to be trained with Scripture.”

Kenneth Copeland

In order to live a different life, we need to think different thoughts. This requires intentional thinking. We renew our minds by listening to our thoughts, recognizing the lies we believe and replacing them with the truth of God’s Word. Romans 12:2 says: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will.” 

Transformation is a process, one thought at a time. We restore our minds by first listening to our self-talk. Experts believe we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts each day. Because we think so many thoughts, we don’t always pay attention to what we’re telling ourselves. Becoming deliberate in our thought awareness is how we begin to steward our minds. To become more cognizant of your thoughts, set a timer for 5 minutes. Note what you were thinking when the alarm goes off.

The second step in managing our mind is to discern the deception we believe. When we’re not aware of our thoughts, the father of lies distorts the truth to his advantage, not ours. What we believe has a direct effect on how we feel and act. Our response to a situation is related to what we think about that circumstance. I immediately had vain imaginations upon hearing I had thyroid cancer at 27 years of age. Before I knew it, I sobbed uncontrollably because my thoughts had me dead, buried and my husband remarried. 

Replacing the lies we believe with Scriptural truth is the third step in taking care of our minds. The Holy Spirit gently interrupted my thoughts when I was an emotional mess with the cancer pronouncement. He asked me if I knew for sure that would happen. When I replied no, He said, “Tell yourself the truth.” For over thirty-five years, I’ve tried to live by that mandate.

If we don’t replace the enemy’s deception with God’s truth, then anxiety, worry and fear will rule our lives. But if we believe the Word of God over the lies of the enemy, then peace will reign within our hearts. The choice is yours: choose to tell yourself the truth and you will rest in God’s sovereignty or choose to put your faith in lies and you will be anxious.

We take care of our soul within the mind by listening to our thoughts, recognizing lies and replacing them with the truth. How healthy is the condition of your mind?

“The renewed mind is the canvas on which the Spirit of God can paint.”

Bill Johnson

Relevant Reflection:

What steps do you need to take to renew your mind?

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