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“You were made to be seen. And when you are reflecting an accurate image of who God really is, people after His own heart will glorify Him, not you.”

Allison Bown

Each year I prayerfully seek God on a “word” for the year that I desire to grow in. I chose shine for 2019. I still struggle with fear of man and hiding has been my typical response. Putting a cap on who I am, not fully embracing His call on my life and settling for a partial identity of who He created me to be, are ways I’ve attempted to run away from displaying God’s nature.

I’m more comfortable sitting alone in my office typing the truths God has taught me than I am putting myself out there, letting my voice be heard and speaking in public. Deep down, I know God wants all of me, not just when I’m safe and secure at home. I know He wants me to speak the truth in love and not cower behind sugar-coated words.

I need you to be fully you. And you need me, to be fully me. If one or both of us aren’t free to be ourselves, reflecting the image of God, then we’re both missing what we each need. And what’s worse, is that God won’t receive all the glory He could receive. Jesus instructs us in Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” We’re not to hide who He’s created us to be. This is our time to shine as brightly as we can, so that those who see us will magnify and esteem God. This leaves no room for jealousy or comparison.

When we give up a part of ourselves, it prevents others from experiencing God through us. The other day I asked a young friend how she became spiritually mature. She rattled off the names of her parents and a few other older friends who are her spiritual parents. Then I asked her where she’d be today if those people chose to hide their gifts.

We can’t let our fears and doubts stop us from being who God created us to be. We’re conduits of His nature. If we hide who we are then others will miss out on seeing and thus honoring God. Let’s shine together, fully displaying God’s magnificent image, so that He will receive the credit due Him.

“Being radiant in Christ isn’t about us making ourselves big, but about magnifying a majestic God to be as big as He really is and then being an accurate reflection of His true nature.” 

Allison Bown

Relevant Reflection:

In what area do you need to shine? What steps will you take to fully reflect who God created you to be?

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