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Secure in Christ

“Are you getting more value from Him or from your assignment?”

Eric Johnson

I have been on a writing adventure with God for many years. He called me to write when my heart was covered in shame and my identity was locked into performance. I liked myself when I was productive, pleased people, and kept many balls juggling without them crashing to the floor. Up and down my security went, like a roller coaster, when it was based on what I did and how well I performed. Fortunately, God did not allow me to succeed in writing, until my heart was healed, I became secure in Christ, and value came from being His daughter.

A no win situation results when I compare my writing and speaking style with others. If I think I’m better than someone else, then my pride puffs out like a peacock strutting with all its feathers in array. Or if I think I’m worse than others, I’ll covet their giftings and try to be like them, rejecting how God made me. Whatever we covet and compare ourselves to becomes the basis for our identity.

When my security and identity’s foundation is based in Christ and all He’s done for me, then it doesn’t matter how great my track record of performance is. When I know who I am, that I’m God’s daughter, then little else matters. It’s just like what Asaph said in Psalm 73:25, “Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.”

I experience freedom in various ways when I’m secure in Christ. I’m free to be me-who God created me to be. I no longer have to hide or pretend I’m someone else. Selfish ambition disappears and I’m not compelled to push my own desires through. Instead, God’s agenda becomes my agenda. I’m free to affirm others and desire their success. And the results of my writing/speaking endeavors do not affect my value or how I feel about myself.

I rest in knowing it’s God’s responsibility to move on the audience’s hearts. I still pray, listen to God’s voice, prepare, and continually look for ways to improve my craft, but my emotions are not dependent upon the audience’s response. What matters is that I obey God. My emotions don’t rise or fall on people’s reactions. Pleasing my heavenly Father and being secure in Christ is where my value safely rests.

“Our assignment may change, but your identity doesn’t if it’s based on your daughterhood or sonship in Christ.”

Eric Johnson

Relevant Reflections:

  1. What is your identity based on? How well you perform or being God’s child?

  2. Who or what do you covet or compare yourself to?

  3. Ask God to show you what He’s done for you so you can be secure in Christ.

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