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Nothing Wasted

“The circumstances of a saint’s life are ordained of God. In the life of a saint there is no such thing as chance.”

Oswald Chambers

My friend, Mindy, says “God is in the details,” and how right she is. I have seen God take the puzzle pieces of trials and blessings and perfectly fit them together to make a beautiful destiny.

I don’t like waiting rooms in life, whether it’s when a loved one is having a surgery, or when it seems God has hidden me from ministry. Waiting rooms, though, are strategic for what they build within us. God recently encouraged me with these words: “Each of those times of being hidden, or feeling like I placed you high up on a shelf, were used to get you where you are today, for My glory and purpose. Every trial and every joy were to build on each other to prepare you for this season. I waste nothing, as long as My child submits to Me.”

The Passion Translation of Romans 8:28 says, “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill His designed purpose.” Our destinies are determined ahead of time, but are played out and built upon with every form of favor and adversity we experience.

Whatever we’re going through, don’t look at it singularly, as an event in and of itself.  Each situation is cumulative, in succession and building upon what was, (what happened prior to it), and what will happen next. Even things that may seem inconsequential and we may wonder what purpose it will serve, God can take as a building block, in preparation for what He has for us down the road.

Because God wastes nothing, everything is valuable for the mission He has in mind for us, even before it’s a desire within us. Looking back on my sixty-two years of life, I can see how the circumstances in the first half of my life in Arizona, prepared me for the twenty-eight years in Omaha. Those years in Omaha, made me ready for this season in Wichita. I am grateful nothing was wasted with the painful trials I’ve walked through. Instead, they have equipped me for not only what God has in store for me next, but to fulfill His purpose for my life. 

“To us, waiting is wasting. To God, waiting is working.”

Louie Giglio

Relevant Reflection:

How have you seen God take the ‘waiting rooms’ in your life and use them to equip you for the next season He has for you?

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