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“I was in my late thirties when my eyes were opened to truth in God’s Word that showed me I wasn’t living the abundant life Jesus died for me to have. I had a very negative mindset…”

Joyce Meyer

Before our behavior can change, our mindset needs to change. It all begins in the mind. We can choose to have a poverty mindset or an abundant mentality. Even how we view God and what He is like, determines how we feel and the choices we make. We can look at God through the lens of he’s “more than enough,” or “not enough” thought process. Whichever way we believe – God is generous or God is stingy, will have a lasting effect on our level of trust and intimacy with him.

Personally, I look at God through the abundant eyeglasses. Psalm 84:11b says, “No good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.” The God I serve is generous and there is always more. When we operate from abundance thinking, we become generous and share what we have because we know God provides all that we need. God is without limit, therefore, our access to him and his supply is endless. He always has more than enough for us.

The fruit that comes from a scarcity mindset is not a pretty picture. When we think there is a shortage or not enough supply then we become stingy and don’t want to share what we have. A poverty mentality leads to greed and hoarding.

Both of these mindsets stem from how we see God and how we see ourselves in our relationship with him. A child of God who knows they’re his son or daughter, knows their home is with their Father, knows they are the rightful heir to his inheritance, will find their identity and security in that position and have abundance thinking. But those who think of themselves more as orphans, will lean toward having a poverty, never enough, type of mindset.

The good news is we can ask Holy Spirit to give us an accurate perception of who God is and what he’s like, as well as enlightening our understanding in who we are as his sons and daughters. Then the rest is up to us to choose by faith to have the mindset which is most pleasing to God. Change your mindset and you’ll change your behavior.

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

Colossians 3:2

Relevant Reflections:

  1. Which mindset are you most prone to believe: abundance or poverty?

  2. How has that way of thinking affected your behavior and life?

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