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Making Your Heart a Priority

“Put everything you have into the care of your heart, for it determines what your life amounts to.”

Dallas Willard

As a result of having a heart attack in 2010, I’ve learned what I can do to make my physical heart healthy. In Proverbs 4:23, God encourages us to make taking care of our emotional hearts a priority. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Our heavenly Father knows our heart, “the center of one’s inner life and orientation to God,” influences everything else. In other words, what goes on in our hearts, comes out in our lives. God knows that the condition of our heart determines how intimate we are with Him and with others. So, if we know that God deems taking care of our emotional health as important and we believe He knows best, then why aren’t we intentional in making it our prime concern to pay attention to our hearts?

There are many reasons why we don’t take care of our hearts. We’re distracted with busyness. Being busy is a way we numb our pain and ignore what’s really going on within us. We tend to bypass our hearts by doing and serving, instead of being. Our pride and the vulnerability that’s required for heart restoration keeps us from paying attention to the brokenness inside of us. A lack of awareness, our ignorance, and our spiritual dullness from our sin makes us blind to the truth.

We don’t watch over our hearts because we think it’s being self-centered. The reality is, we can love others because we first love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). We can only give away what we already possess. Feelings of unworthiness, fear of losing control, or not wanting to pay the price of investing in our heart health are other arguments why we don’t make guarding our hearts a priority. We end up finding temporary comfort from our hurt through our idols, instead of allowing God to comfort us.

The hurts hidden within our hearts won’t disappear over time. They only go away if we deal with them. So, do yourself and those you love a favor; take care of your heart.

“Our wholeness is measured by how well we embrace the reality of our weakness and brokenness.”

Pete Scazzero

Relevant Reflections:

1. Why don’t you make taking care of your heart a priority?

2. What steps do you already take to ensure emotional wholeness?

"Brave Heart" Painting by Lindsay Donovan

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