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Making Every Moment Count by Partnering with God

“As we live interactively with God all day long, we find that asking God for input becomes a normal response. Our sense of partnership with God in the Kingdom of God grows.”

Jan Johnson

Last week I wrote about Kairos moments, when heaven intersects with earth. Distractions, busyness, and our own expectations can prevent us from experiencing those God-ordained set-ups. On the other hand, focusing on Jesus, stillness, and anticipating and surrendering to God’s movement, aids us in capitalizing our Kairos opportunities.

Mindset also plays a key role in our ability to see and embrace the Holy Spirit's activity in our lives. When we consider there are no coincidences, but every encounter as a possibility that this is God moving, we will have our fill of Kairos moments. My default belief system that God invites me to partner with Him, helps me to maximize in making every moment count. “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16). I am always on alert that God is with me, orchestrating His plans to come to fruition in my life.

These past four years in Wichita have taught me to have one eye opened and one ear cocked, to see and hear where the Holy Spirit is moving. I attended a women’s ministry when we first arrived. At that initial meeting, a woman about my age approached me and we immediately connected. I took that encounter as a “breadcrumb” from God for me to pursue and follow. I am so glad I said “Yes” to God. She is not only a kindred hearted friend but meeting her led me in a direction which had me “bump” into others creating more Kairos moments. Following THE Leader, creates a life full of adventure.

I used to play “I spy” with my kids while waiting at their doctor appointments. We would each take turns and provide clues about an object in the room and the others would guess what it is. God continuously gives us clues of His partnering with us, and where He wants us to join Him. When I see a hint of God’s movement and direction, I stop and acknowledge it and ask Him what He might be doing and what He has up His sleeve for me in this.

God is not wanting to work solo but invites each of us into a partnership with Himself. He wants you to experience Himself in the dailyness of your life. Be on the lookout for Kairos moments when God intersects your life. The Creator of the universe asks you to watch for Him to appear, to walk with your hands firmly grasping His, and to partner with Him in adventures.

“Life becomes much more interesting when we invite God into situations, great and small.”

Jan Johnson

Relevant Reflection:

Where have you spied God at work in your life?

Image by un-perfekt from Pixabay


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