Lessons Learned – Part One

“Experience is the best of schoolmasters, only the school fees are heavy.”

Thomas Carlyle

Celebrating a milestone birthday has caused me to ponder the lessons I’ve learned. I’ve learned many the hard way, while others the Holy Spirit has graciously dropped in my lap. In Psalm 32:8, God promises to instruct and teach us in the way we should go. Today’s post and next week’s, will focus on God’s instruction gleaned over the past sixty years. I pray these will encourage, comfort, and challenge you in your walk with God. This is what I know to be true:

1. God is a good, good Father.

2. God is enough. He is my source of contentment.

3. Repentance, turning from sin and turning toward God, is a gift that’s for my benefit.

4. People feel loved when we care about what they care about.

5. I was created to carry God’s Presence wherever I go.

6. Pursue the best over the good.

7. God likes to hold my hand, especially when I’m afraid.

8. God receives the most glory when I’m free to be myself, how He created me.

9. God loves and accepts me just as I am, unconditionally. And because of that kind of love, I want to obey Him.

10. People may hurt us, but God will not. We can trust God. Trust heals all wounds.

11. God always has our best interest in mind.

12. God loves to speak to His children.