Launch Tools

“We are made for larger ends than Earth can encompass. Oh, let us be true to our exalted destiny.”

Catherine Booth

“You’re ready to launch!” My leadership coach spoke those words to me during my last session with her. Since those appointments, I’ve reflected on all that God taught me and worked within me during the months I was coached. A handyman takes a tool box with him on his job, so he has what he needs when he needs it. Likewise, I’ve come up with tools from my coaching sessions which help me launch into my God-given destiny. If I remember to utilize them, then I have a greater chance to fulfill my calling. Maybe some of these will propel you forward in your purpose in life. I need to:

  1. Value my calling by making it a priority.

  2. Experience less of the “drainers” in my life and establish more of the “gainers” every day.

  3. Make time for solitude, sitting still and hearing God’s voice, and writing.

  4. “Create space” which births creativity, by not having my schedule packed with commitments.

  5. Acknowledge my fears and allow them to draw me closer to God.

  6. Set and protect my boundaries.

  7. Know how God has made me so I can steward myself by including time to plan, reflect and evaluate.

  8. Stop and ask myself, what do I need most now, when I’m stressed.

  9. Celebrate my achievements.

  10. Let go of the old for the benefit of change and growth to occur.

  11. Know my sustainable pace.

  12. Remind myself that I am worthy to fulfill the call and that God trusts me to steward it.