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Kingdom Investment

“You are your own mix of gifts, skills, and experiences God wants to stir up to serve His Son.”

Beth Moore

God doesn’t give us spiritual gifts just to keep them all for ourselves. He gives them to us to share them with others. What we do with what has been given to us, determines whether we receive more in the future. If we’re faithful with what He gives us and share what we’ve received, then God will multiply what we’ve been given, and we’ll be given more. The parable of the talents in Luke 19:11-27 portrays this kingdom principle.

In this passage, a noble man, soon to become king, gave ten of his servants the same amount of money, which was about three months’ wages. He told each of them to “Put this money to work,” in other words, invest it. (vs. 13) When the king returned, one of his servants had earned ten more, while another increased what had been given to him by five. The king was pleased with the returns on their investment and gave them more responsibility over cities.

Likewise our faithfulness to invest in God’s kingdom will result in increase. God will bless the gifts we’ve shared by giving us more to share. We’ve all been given something from God. But what happens to that, whether it’s multiplied or not, is determined by us-what we’ve done with it. If we’ve hid it or have kept it to ourselves, we will not hear “Well done,” from our King.

For years I hid what God gave to me because of shame and fear of man. But just like a parent encourages their children to share, God encourages us to give away what we’ve received from Him. Sharing what we have is a form of investment. And when we give away what we possess, then we’re investing in God’s kingdom.

I became convicted while I studied this passage. I realized my emotional healing and restoration, are not just for me. I’m to share what has been given to me in hopes that God will use it to bring wholeness to others. Rebekah Lyons in You Are Free writes: “Freedom is never just for the freed. Freedom is a gift that’s meant to be shared.” I’m retrieving the emotional wholeness manuscript I worked on a couple of years ago. I want Luke 10:26a to be fulfilled. “But to all who have been faithful, even more will be given them.” (Passion Translation)

Let us each take what God has given to us and invest it back into His kingdom!

“Stewardship is the acceptance from God of personal responsibility for all of life and life’s affairs.”

Roswell C. Long

Relevant Reflection:

What has God given to you and how are you investing it back into His kingdom?

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