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In Times Like These: Part Three

“As Christians, we have no reason to lack hope. Christ has shown the trustworthiness of God and of His Word.”

Chuck Colson

I mentioned in last week’s post about our need to starve fear and to feed faith. Here are ways to feed our faith:

  1. Stay in the Word of God daily and pray.

  2. Make space for God; sit still and listen to His voice.

  3. Remind yourself of personal testimonies of God – how He came through for you in the past and will do it again.

  4. Reflect on the promises of God in the Bible.

  5. Memorize Scripture verses such as Psalm 91.

  6. Listen to praise music.

  7. Every day give thanks to God, which requires humility. Gratefulness squeezes out complaining and negativity which produce more fear.

  8. Focus on the positive, the “gifts” of self-isolation. Be like Caleb and Joshua.

  9. Tell yourself the truth about who God is and declare that truth. God is in control and is sovereign. God is for me and has my best interest at heart. God is with me and will take care of me.

  10. Camp out in the book of Psalms. “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD” (Psalm 112:7).

  11. Listen to encouraging podcasts and sermons.

Other practical tips that might help during this stressful season:

  1. Get adequate sleep and eat healthy foods to strengthen your immunity. Snack less on carbs and processed food.

  2. Keep moving! Take walks outside with your family or do other forms of exercise.

  3. As much as you can, keep up with regular routines; normalcy gives security.

  4. Hold plans loosely. It’s easier to let go of expectations if our grasp isn’t tight.

  5. Substitute boredom with constructive ways of self-care and self-compassion.

  6. Set small goals each day or tackle projects you never find time to do.

  7. Reach out to family/friends via FaceTime or connect as a group through Zoom.

“Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.”

C. S. Lewis

Relevant Reflection:

Which of these tips will you implement this week?


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