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God's Part and Our Part in Attaining Freedom

“Consecration (being dedicated to God’s service) is our part; sanctification (being set apart from sin and being made holy) is God’s part.”

Oswald Chambers

Freedom is a process that occurs over time, and it’s done in partnership with God. I am so grateful I don’t have to face my fears, sinful strongholds, or emotional pain by myself, but that all along, God is next to me, guiding the way.

In Exodus 23:30, God informs the Israelites how He will help them attain the land He promised them. “Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.” That same promise is for you and me. Gradually, God will drive out our enemies, those obstacles that prevent us from entering our divine destinies. Our fears, unbelief, and struggles with sin which thwart our freedom will eventually, over a period of time, be driven out. God promises to keep whittling at our sins till they fade away and we increase and possess our promised land.

Our divine destinies are often delayed because our character and level of godly maturity aren’t where they need to be to handle the entrustment God wants to give us. So, God allows situations to occur for the purposes of spiritual formation, becoming more like Christ, and expanding our capacity so we have what we need to handle our promised land. God promises to send an angel ahead of us to guard us along the way and to bring us to the place He has prepared for us (Exodus 23:20).

Our part in attaining our freedom is delineated in Exodus 23:10-33. We’re to pay attention to God and to listen carefully to what He says, which implies obedience. If we do all that He says, then God will be an enemy to our enemies, and He will oppose those who oppose us. We’re not to be rebellious, but submissive to God. We’re to only worship Yahweh God and not bow down to other idols.

When we do our part, being set apart for God, and God does His part to drive out our sinful tendencies and heal our emotional wounding, then little by little we will experience freedom and enjoy the fruit of living in our God-given promised lands.

“The only responsibility you have is to stay in living constant touch with God, and to see that you allow nothing to hinder your cooperation with Him.”

Oswald Chambers

Relevant Reflections:

  1. How has God driven out your enemies so you can enter your divine destiny?

  2. What steps on your part can you take today to guarantee attaining greater freedom?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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