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Four Ways Our Trials Impact Others

“God uses our trials to build our faith, draw us closer to Him, and give us a testimony of His faithfulness for others to see.”

While continuing to mine the truths from Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s fiery furnace story found in Daniel 3:19-4: 3, I discovered four ways our trials impact others. First, people see our identity, who we belong to, as it’s displayed while we walk through adversity. Who we really are comes out of us when we’re “squeezed.” The pressure of our stressful situation releases what is in us. King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged those three men were “servants of the Most High God” (Daniel 3:26). When others see you respond to your fiery furnace, do they acknowledge your belief and identity are rooted in God?

People are watching our walk with God all the time, especially how we respond during trials. The king watched these men place their trust in God, how they obeyed God rather than the king’s command, and that their lives were yielded and surrendered to God (Daniel 3:28). It didn’t slip pass the king that they chose to possibly die rather than worship any other god. Their allegiance to God was obvious. Do people see your trust, yieldedness, and devotion to God even when the heat is turned up?

Thirdly, people see who God is. As this story played out, the king discovered God as a deliverer. He saw God rescue His servants and learned He can save, unlike any other god (Daniel 3:28-29). Who is God showing Himself to be to you and to those who are watching you walk through your trial? What character traits of God’s nature are being displayed?

Lastly, others may give God praise and honor. In Daniel 4: 3, the king testifies to the nations and peoples of every language about the Most High God. He brags about God’s great signs, His mighty wonders, His eternal kingdom, and His everlasting dominion. Do those around you give God praise and honor as a testimony to what they’ve seen during your adversity?

I’m not a fan of fiery furnaces, but if I must experience them, then I pray my response to them impacts others in these four ways. I want people to know that my belief and identity are anchored in God. I hope they see my trust, obedience, and heart is surrendered to God. More than anything, my desire is for others to see who God really is and that it will result in them giving God the honor and praise that He deserves.

“Life’s trials are not easy. But in God’s will, each has a purpose.”

Warren Wiersbe

Relevant Reflection:

How have people been impacted as they’ve watched you experience a fiery furnace?


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