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Faith: Our Trump Card

“The greatest need we have is not to do things, but to believe things.”

Oswald Chambers

The trump card is the highest ranking card that wins a hand. Faith is the Christian’s trump card. Chapter eleven of Hebrews is described as the faith chapter or faith’s Hall of Fame, as it lists those in the Bible who displayed faith by their actions. Hebrews 11:33 and 23b explain what faith does. “…who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice and gained what was promised…” Moses parents’ “were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

According to those two verses, faith does four things. Faith:

  1. Conquers kingdoms

  2. Administers justice

  3. Gains what was promised

  4. Overrides fear

Satan constantly tries to assert his kingdom of lies and accusations in my mind. But faith tells my mind the truth according to God’s Word. Faith drowns out the roar of the enemy’s lies and other strongholds he attempts to erect. No fortress can withstand the power of faith.

Faith makes things right, equitable, and just. When we have wisdom from God, we’re able to treat people fairly and honestly, as we see things clearly.

Faith releases the fulfillment of the promises of God. When we believe and trust what God said, it secures the fruition of what He promised. Because God said it, we believe it and know it will happen.

Faith is bigger than our fears and elicits peace and rest. When we trust in the One who is sovereign and in control, our hearts hold steady, even during a raging storm.

When I find myself lacking faith, I simply pray, Father, release greater portions of faith, so I may believe and remain firm in my faith, no matter what I see with my eyes. Where do you need more faith in your life? Do you need it to demolish strongholds, provide wisdom to be just, to remain steady while waiting for God’s promises to be released, or to replace fear with His peace and rest? No matter the reason, He loves to answer our prayers for more faith.

“Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.”


Relevant Reflection:

Which area of your life do you need more faith? Ask God for a release of greater faith.

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