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Encouragement to Fulfill God's Assignments

“Those that are hearty in the service of God shall receive fresh encouragements from him to proceed in it.”

Matthew Henry

Long distance runners are aware of the probability of “hitting the wall” around mile twenty. This occurs when they’ve depleted their stored glycogen, the energy needed to complete the race. When this happens, the combination of negativity and fatigue blankets the runner with discouragement, making it difficult to cross the finish line.

A few years ago, I hit a “wall” of discouragement in the writing journey with my book. The waiting process starting all over again for the umpteenth time was more than I could handle. What “saved” me from giving up on fulfilling God’s assignment was a timely lunch I had with a writer friend. Her prophetic word from Galatians 4:4, “in the fullness of time,” birthed life and hope. I anchored my faith in that word and kept running the race.

God gave the Israelites, through the prophet Haggai, the daunting task to rebuild the Lord’s house. In Haggai chapter two, God provides the encouragement needed to fulfill His assignment. The Israelites were to be strong and to work (verse 4) and to not fear (verse 5). When God gives us a responsibility, our part is to not be afraid, but be courageous, and to do what He’s asked us to do. The reason we can do our part is because God is doing His part.

A good Father gives us everything we need to do what He’s asked us to do. Continuing in Haggai chapter two, God promises the Israelites that He is with them (verse 4). They were not alone in rebuilding God’s temple. In fact, God made a pledge with them, promising His Spirit to remain among them which was why they didn’t need to be afraid (verse 5). God’s presence was present. God promised He would fill His house with glory and that “the glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house” and that He would grant them peace (verses 7 and 9).

Runners can avoid hitting the wall by not going out too fast, taking walk breaks, consuming more calories, and by recalibrating their pace and goals. We too can avoid discouragement by reminding ourselves of God’s truth and by surrounding ourselves with supportive friends who cheer us on. When we do our part and God does His, our God-given assignments will be fulfilled.

“The presence of God with enough to silence all our fears and to help us over all the discouragements we may meet within the way of our duty.”

Matthew Henry

Relevant Reflection:

Describe a time when you hit the wall of discouragement and God helped you fulfill His task.

Image by Denise Denicolo from Pixabay

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