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Divine Destiny

“Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where destiny leads.”

T.D. Jakes

In order for the Israelites to enter their Promise Land, they first needed to cross over the Jordan River. Likewise, it’s essential for us to negotiate our personal Jordan to complete our divine destiny.

The Jordan represents barriers which come between us and the fulfillment of our destiny. Our Jordan is something we need to courageously overcome, like a mountain we climb, to get to where we need to go. When we cross over our Jordan Rivers, we become a different person; it’s an opportunity for transformation in our lives.

The Jordans are where we experience God, get to know His attributes, who He is and upgrade our image of Him. At the same time, we become aware of who we really are and what we lack in our ability or character, to cross over. The Jordan is a place where God asks us to do something we can’t do without His help and it compels us to depend upon Him.

Crossing the Jordan River requires faith, which results in obedience. It’s our chance to decide if we believe God is big enough, even bigger than the obstacle right in front of our eyes. It’s where the rubber meets the road. If we believe God, then we’ll obey Him. We don’t just sit back and watch God act on our behalf; God equally waits and watches to see how we will respond. The Jordan, though, doesn’t represent our faithfulness, as much as God’s faithfulness to us. 

The Jordan River is where “The Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5b). Joshua 3:13 says it’s the setting where the Lord rests. When you come upon an impasse, embrace it, for that is the place you will find God.

What kind of equipping do we need to have in order to cross over our destiny deterrent? What affect will embracing our destiny have on others? And what do we do after we get to the other side of the Jordan River? I’ll answer these in next week’s post.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.”


Relevant Reflections:

  1. What barrier is preventing you from fulfilling your divine destiny?

  2. Describe examples of the Jordan Rivers you have crossed and the wonders the Lord has done.

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