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“Man is most truly himself…not when he toils but when he adores. And we are learning more and more that all innocent joy in life may be a form of adoration.”

Vida Scudder

I collect nativity sets and when you look at most crèches, Jesus is in the center. I’ve never seen one displayed where the babe in the manger is off to the side or hidden in the background. Usually baby Jesus is in the middle and all eyes are focused on Him. My favorite nativity scenes are the ones where the faces are bowed low in a position of worship of the Christ child King.

I believe that’s how Jesus is to be today-right smack in the center of our lives. He’s to be the One our eyes are focused upon, the One our faces bow down to, and the One at the center of our attention. Jesus is the One we adore more than anyone or anything else.

Adore means “to worship with profound reverence” and “to love in the highest degree; to regard with the utmost esteem, affection and respect.” The first time worship is mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 22:5. This is in reference to Abraham going to Mount Moriah to sacrifice his son Isaac as an act of obedience to God.

Worship wears many faces. It isn’t just singing praise to God; it is submission to obey Him. Sometimes worship looks like a sacrificial thank offering, giving God thanks for even difficulties in life. Adoring God is seen when we choose His agenda and will over our own will. Giving of yourself in service, time, and resources is another way we express our adoration to God. Spending time alone with Jesus honors Him.

O’ Come All Ye Faithful is the Christmas carol I love the most. I think it’s because of the line, “O’, come, let us adore Him.” Song of Songs 1:4b says, “How right they are to adore you!” It is not only right, but appropriate for us to adore the Lord not just during the Christmas season, but every day of our lives. As you celebrate Christmas, be intentional to adore the Christ child, for He alone is worthy.

“This is adoration; not a difficult religious exercise, but an attitude of the soul.”

Evelyn Underhill

Relevant Reflection:

How can you show the Christ child that you adore Him this week?

Because of the upcoming holidays, I’ll be taking a two week break from posting. Enjoy your time spent with family and friends!

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