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A Gift in Disguise

“The only lasting and fully satisfying joys for any man lie on the other side of a cross.”

Walter J. Chantry

Our son has been known to wrap Christmas gifts in duct tape, or to wrap several smaller boxes within a larger one, all the while keeping us in suspense for the wonderful gift within. The outer wrapping of a gift, has no bearing on what’s inside. The wrapping surrounding some of God’s best gifts, may not be attractive nor enticing to unwrap, such as our move to Wichita.

What seemed at the time to be the end of my world, turned out to be a beautiful new beginning. Even when something looks and feels so awful on the outside, there may be a precious gem hidden on the inside.

My shortsightedness caused me to focus on the fears of the unknown, the loss I would grieve, and the hard work involved in getting a house ready to sell and packed up to move. I had set my sight on what was immediate and right in front of me. What I initially fought tooth and nail against, became just what I needed. Wichita is God’s gift in disguise.

Psalm 35:9-10 in the Passion Translation says: “Then my fears will dissolve into limitless joy; my whole being will overflow with gladness because of Your mighty deliverance. Everything inside of me will shout it out: ‘There’s no one like You, Lord!’ For look at how You protect the weak and helpless from the strong and heartless who oppress them.” I can’t explain it, nor do I fully understand it, but my heart is at rest living here. The peace, joy, and contentment I’ve experienced have taken me by surprise, but as a result, a well of thankfulness springs up inside.

God’s best gifts don’t always look like a pretty package on the outside, but wait till you open it! Don’t be deceived or deterred by the ugly wrapping paper or by the difficulty to unwrap it. Persevere. Receive the gift in disguise God has for you and do whatever it takes to unwrap it, because it will all be worth it.

“The Lord gives His people perpetual joy when they walk in obedience to Him.”

Dwight L. Moody

Relevant Reflections:

  1. In what situation are you being shortsighted? Ask Holy Spirit to expand your vision, to see further down the road, and to provide the faith to believe.

  2. What fear are you facing that could be God’s gift in disguise?

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