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A ministry designed to heal wounded hearts and set captives free for the sake of deepening intimacy with God and others.


Norma's New Book, Now Available!

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Do you struggle with feeling close to others?
What about Feeling Close to God?
In Restoring Your Heart to Deepen Intimacy, Norma Donovan shows you how to clear out emotional blockages of abandonment, rejection, shame, fear and deception, so that you can become free to grow in intimacy in all your relationships...especially in your relationship with God.  Read More »



Real. Transparent. Transforming. These are just a few of the words that linger in my heart and mind as I walk away from the personal encounter I had with God through reading this book. In it, Norma Donovan shares her healing journey and her desire to connect deeper with the Lover of our souls, and her passion for each of us to experience this same redemptive and freeing work is undeniable and inviting. As a Christian counselor, I not only felt drawn to engage in my own personal journey, but I also had many clients come to mind who would benefit from the well-developed concepts, truths, and practical steps offered to guide and propel one into emotional healing and freedom. Restoring Your Heart to Deepen Intimacy will prove to be a unique resource that perpetually invites each reader to launch into a progressive, transformative journey. Plan for your reading experience to be a “marker” along the way to living life as God intended—being fully loved and walking with Him in wholeness and freedom.

—  Jo Lynn Bright, LCMFT, CST

Transforming Lives One


At A Time.

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